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Welcome to the Recon website! Recon turns students and mentors into a fluid and mobile community of Christ followers on college campuses across the nation. Our roots in Christ provide security and stability. The Recon network insures activity, flexibility and connectivity. The Recon curriculum provides the training. The result is synergy: God multiplying the impact of our single witness with the power of community that can reach the ends of the earth. It is never being alone. It is being on the winning side. It is the Great Commission in 21st Century terms. Check it out. Sign up. Then tell another believer to do the same. We’re in this for the long haul. Eternity lasts forever.

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We hear a lot these days about some people who just don’t “get it.” Whatever “it” is, and whatever audience is in view, they’re clueless. It could be husbands, politicians, rednecks, the media elite, teenagers, telemarketers, whoever. The disconnect couldn’t be greater or wider. Perhaps the best example of this came to me (again) at a Bible study on the campus of a major university recently. A mathematics professor from Bulgaria asked me why the Jews didn’t accept Jesus as their messiah. I told her that the Jewish religious establishment not only rejected his claim, they also killed him for it! And in keeping with the party line, every generation ... [More]


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